Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubby, Thanks for always remembering to kiss me goodbye in the morning. Since you leave at the crack of dawn it's nice to know that you want me to know you will miss me but you don't wake me up. How sweet are you? Dear Landon, You are getting way too big! When I see you in your school uniform each day I truly can't believe you are in kindergarten. Where did 5 years go? Dear Schoolwork, I really need you to take it easy on me. I mean I know that I am only taking 3 classes but you are really heaping on the assignments! I am not ready for you not one little bit, Oh and 5 page paper due next week... write yourself... please? Dear Lawn Care Guys, You guys are amazing! Since our riding lawn mower died 3 weeks ago the lawn has been left to it's own devices. Rain everyday in Jacksonville... well you've seen the lawn... enough said. Dear Weekend, Please don't go quickly.

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