Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo Wars

So anyone that has any type of competitive spirit knows that when someone lays down a challenge you go for it right? Well to tell you the truth I have no idea how this challenge even became a challenge. With Jon being gone pretty much all the time since September we have had to find some interesting ways to keep us all connected. My husband is actually a pretty good amateur photographer. Nothing to quit his day job for or anything, but way better than me on any day. Well we have started to take pictures and send them back and forth to each other as a way to keep up with everything that goes on in our lives. Since he finally got his phone back after MCT we have sent so many pictures! I am not a picture person at all. I don't even take very good ones, so this has been a totally new experience for me. So needless to say I used pictures to tell Jon that he will have a new niece! He was really excited and so was I. His sister has 3 boys so we have 3 nephews and this is the first baby on my side of the family (one of my sisters are pregnant!) that we are so thrilled to buy some dresses! Okay maybe just I am, but Jon seemed pretty excited too.

Then it got real interesting... when I went to visit Jon in Virginia Beach we decided to take this 30 day photography challenge we found on Pinterest. Each day we would send each other the picture of the day. Well let's just say we started to get a little competitive. I would still say that he has me beat so far, but hey it's been fun. Here are just a few that I think are kinda cool!

"From a high angle"- Me

"Something Green"- Me 

"From a low angle"-Me


"What I Wore Today"-Jon

"Bad Habit"-Jon
So we are on day 10 which is "childhood memory". This should be interesting.... I think I know what I'm going to send, but I can't wait to see what Jon sends. I think that's half the fun. Well that and acting like my picture is so much better than his. Of course his is better, but I would never let him know that...


  1. Oh that is fun! If you have it would you mind sharing the link? We are together right now but when Matt leaves for more training I think it could be fun to do something like that!

  2. I love this! This sounds like so much fun! I'd like the link to it too, please. :)

  3. Here's the link... http://pinterest.com/pin/12455336439334379/

  4. You have an adorable little boy! Soooo much personality! That sounds so fun! I will have to do that too when Mike goes away for a while.