Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Years... Almost!

So on January 2nd is our two year wedding anniversary. I am so glad that his "boot leave" (the 10 days of leave granted new Marines after boot camp) fell around this time so he would be home, and on top of that because it is around the holidays they got 7 days added as recruiter's assistance so he really got 17 days! It's so awesome to have my best friend back. It's crazy that we have been married for 2 years. I truly have such an amazing husband. So my in laws and my parents took us to dinner last night. We ate at The Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria. It is one of me and Jon's favorites. My Mom's short rib stroganoff...

My Dad's diver scallops and risotto...

My pork chop which was served with the best saukerkaut I have ever tasted...

Of course Jon got a burger! He love burgers from anywhere. It's crazy I know!

My Father in Law actually got the prime rib, after looking at this picture I have to say that I was a bit jealous!

Overall it was great to be with all four of our parents. We haven't done that in a while. On the way home I was talking with Jon how blessed we truly are to have both of our parents together and they have shown us how to build a strong marriage. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me and Jon, but right now I am just so excited to celebrate 2 awesome years with my very best friend.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home at Last!

So to say the last 3 months of my family's life has been taxing would be an understatement. Watching my husband that we love to much leave to boot camp in Parris Island almost 13 weeks ago was almost unreal at the time. We have been through an amazing journey but at last we are home with our new Marine in tow! Graduation and Family Day were awesome. Coming from me with no military background at all I was impressed to say the least. So just a few pointers for those out there that will be attending the festivities at Parris Island soon or maybe not so soon. First off you do want to arrive at 5:30 am for family day. I know I was so not in the mood to wake up that early but I got on base and parking so easily that it was worth waking up that early. Next, the motivation run is a must on family day. It was so cool to see all the platoons running through the crowd. I will say though line the street don't sit in the Parade Deck bleachers. You will see them run by twice if you stand on the street. Jon was in Platoon 1102, the last male platoon in the group and even though they ran by twice I still didn't see him they all look the same! So moving on to what everyone wants to know about, Liberty!!!! I was so excited to see Jon. After the run they have to go back and change so you wait for them in what they call the "All-Weather Training Facility". It was torture to have to wait that long to see him. But, finally they all marched in and it was really cool to see everyone in such uniform lines.

So after they give us a speech on what we can and can't do during their liberty they released the Marines and we were able to find them. As soon as a I saw Jon I ran to him. Words could not describe how happy I was to finally hug my husband after all this time. During liberty we had a picnic which was so much fun.

Even though Liberty was 4 hours long it was so short! Before I knew it they had to leave for graduation practice. So I gave my husband back but, then again graduation was tomorrow and I was going to be able to take my husband home with me! So for graduation, please note that it is a casual affair in the was of dress. Now don't get me wrong there were people dressed to the nines but please wear something comfortable, it is outside, and get there early I mean like 6:30 am early because the bleachers fill up and you will have to stand! Graduation was great as well I was so proud of my husband. He was in 1st Battalion, Bravo Company, Platoon 1102.

All in all this was the best weekend I have had in a while. Bringing Jon home was a breath of fresh air after 3 months of some pretty stale air. God has been so good through all of this. I can't wait to see everything that He has in store for us, but right now I am enjoying my husband in uniform!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Check, Please!

Have you ever been eating dinner somewhere and the experience is not what you thought it would be, so you find yourself wanting to ask for the Check, please only 15 minutes into the whole ordeal? Well that was me about 2 days ago. With all that has been going on in life these past couple weeks I was so ready to get up from the table and leave! (Or at least run for solitary cover under my bedspread!) I had to turn in all my "wonderful" group and individual projects that turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I was really stressed about my group project that dwindled from 5 members to 3 in about 3 weeks then down to just me and one other person in the final weeks. Whew! I am so glad that was over. Then came finals and all that studying not to mention keeping up with Landon's new medication, Masters Club, and all the little surprises I have planned for Jon when he comes back. I was so tired! Then I got a letter from Jon saying that he would get to call on the Sunday after the Crucible which is their final practical exam. It's called Liberty Sunday where they have free time and can call home. I was so excited! So Sunday came and.... just that Sunday went. No phone call. I was so dumbfounded as to what happened. So needless to say my stomach was in knots on Monday and Tuesday at work and I just couldn't seem to settle. So as I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up from work today I got a phone call from a blocked number. It was Jon! I was so excited I had to keep from jumping up and down in the lobby. He sounded so different. I know God always comes right on time, but let me tell you He came right as I was motioning to the waiter for the Check, Please on this week. We leave tomorrow for South Carolina and I could be happier. I will have lots of pictures to post so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giddy with Anticipation

Almost there. I honestly thought I would never make it this far. I have been running at a hundred miles an hour staying so super busy that December kind of snuck up on me. With one week of class left before finals and Landon asking every other second if tomorrow is Christmas I am so content. When Jon left for Parris Island almost 3 months ago I was very unprepared. Even so we began this journey. So of course he had to put a perspective on the time for Landon. He promised him he would be back for Christmas. So now since all the stores and music is about, of course, Christmas he has been beaming. We even have switched to Christmas stickers on his behavior calendar. AC Moore had a great selection I couldn't help myself. So yesterday Landon and I had a very candid conversation. "Is tomorrow Christmas Mommy?", Landon asked. "No but very soon Landon" , I answer smiling. Watching Landon's childlike anticipation of his Daddy homecoming makes me think of  my relationship with my heavenly Father. He has always been so faithful and I anticipate everytime he speaks to me through His  Word and I to Him in prayer. So as I wait for my husband I get a kick out of knowing each and everyday I get to anticipate the arrival of God in my life.