Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Suppers

So let me start by saying I am postponing my Tuesday Suppers post. I have been crazy busy with finals and projects I have barely eaten this past week for dinner. When I get home I pretty much have been working on my final projects and papers for school. Seeing as though tonight's dinner consisted of microwave popcorn and raspberry lemonade I think postponing the post would be in everyone's best interest. Ahhh I feel like I'm back in culinary school. Back to the days when a bag of chips was all I saw in the way of food outside the classroom. Yes me and my fellow culinary students ate many a bag of microwave popcorn. What you thought we were whipping up Beef Wellington with whipped potatoes and haircot verts? I'll be the first to tell you we all probably ate just as much if not more junk food as the average college student. Well my books aren't going to study themselves... Or can they? Any suggestions? At least I have one thing to smile and dance about... Just broke the 30s! Happy dance ensue now!


  1. YAY!! Having the hubs home soon is exciting!

  2. That's SO exciting! And I must say that frame is adorable. Good luck on your finals.

  3. I love that picture frame!