Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bubbles, bubbles, my bubbles!

Do you remember that part in Finding Nemo where the fish in the fish tank opens up the chest and plays with the bubbles? That's kind of what I feel like in Lizzie's room. She's on what's called bubble CPAP. It constantly bubbles and bubbles and bubbles all day long! As I sit there watching her bubbling away I can't help but think of that part in the movie. Am I crazy or what? Even so it's great that she's doing so much better with her breathing. I don't know if I could continue to watch the monitor go up and down all day long. We're on day 45 and it's so great to say that we broken the 30 week mark in gestation. Her adjusted gestation  was was 31 weeks yesterday. Small victories I say. Although her quite cute mask takes up most of her face I still think she's the most precious thing ever. I can't wait until we can put her back on the nasal cannula and we can really see her face and all that beautiful hair that she has under that hat. Landon and John have been coming quite frequently to the hospital since he's gone back to work. It's nice to have been there with me since I'm there every day, all day by myself most of the time.  We are all looking forward to the new milestones that hopefully are just around the corner. Like wearing clothes, breaking free of the Isolette, and down the road going home. It's just great to be gaining ground for the past couple days instead of losing it. Hopefully she continues...


  1. She is one strong baby!
    She's perfect!!!

  2. Hey! We've been praying for you and baby Elizabeth. God is faithful. We love you! -The Andersons

  3. Been awhile since I have been on, catching up on my blogs and just caught up with yours! Your little girl is an angel! So precious! Congradulations!!!! Our daughter was born 4 weeks early and I thought she was tiny! LOL we call her our little peanut! So glad to hear that Elizabeth is doing well. Prayers coming your way!