Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Pump It Up Parties and a Pumpkin Patch

Being a mom is hard work! I love being a mother. I'd like to think that I am taking a good shot at being super mom, you know full time career, full time college student, doting wife, cookie baking mom, but you want the truth? I may do all that but I am lousy at making it all work seamlessly. That's right I have lots of help. Up until around 5 weeks ago my husband Jon and I shared the responsibilities pretty evenly. If I cooked dinner he cleaned the dishes, if I had to study he played with our son Landon. Jon was great at seeing when I needed help and filling that spot so I could keep up this charade as a so "put together mom". So enter left stage Marine Corp boot camp and here I was left holding the bag quite literally. I now became the beginning, middle and end of the play and I was so not ready! The first weekend after Jon left Landon had a party at Pump It Up for the son of my co-worker. That Saturday I had everything all planned, chores done, homework completed, and Landon dressed and fed. As we were leaving the house I felt like I totally got this under control. Okay, so fast forward to next weekend. The son of one of my good friend had a party at Pump It Up. I was thinking, "I got this under control I so did this last week." The only thing I didn't factor in was the party was earlier so I needed to get a start on the day earlier. Didn't happen, I was lucky to get Landon clothed, fed and one assignment done before we hurried to the party. Two weeks past and yet another Pump It Up party for another of Landon's neighborhood friends. I didn't even try to fake the charade. I fed Landon, dressed and hauled my more than weary self to our 3rd Pump It Up party in 5 weeks time. At least Landon had fun! I was exhausted!

So after that weekend I was looking forward to the week. I know who wants to go to work? Go figure. Then it hit me.... we hadn't gone to the pumpkin patch and time was running out. So on Wednesday before church we hit the pumpkin patch. Landon was so cute that I couldn't help but enjoy myself. It's times like these that I think where has the past 4 years gone? We had a great time picking out a pumpkin for Landon, myself and of course Jon. Even though I was tired how could I resist this face?

And our pumpkin selection actually turned out to be very accurate to the size of everyone, well at least the height!

So with all this out the way I can't wait to look forward to how everything will be changing and evolving. God truly has a plan for our little family and I can't wait to see what it all will entail, but just like Galatians 6:9 says, And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. And there are times that I grow weary, but God is too good for me to let what he has planned for me to do to make me tired. Am I super mom, apparently not, but God is a Super God and with that I can't lose. 


  1. very great blog! Sorry that it took me so long... That was a great verse to refer to as well... you can do it! I'm confident in you...

  2. I love your blog- I'm sitting here curled up reading this as if I'm reading a novel:) Landon has been having lots of fun! It's good you guys are staying busy. Keep posting!