Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going It Alone...

So there I was standing alone about to do this by myself. What may you ask, just take my son in for procedure. As I stood there signing him in I was thinking okay this is just like any other appointment. Then we got taken back to the procedure room I was like this is so not like anything else. It was at that moment I wished my husband was back home. Throughout our relationship of 6 going on 7 years there hasn't been much he wasn't there for, especially when it comes to our son. So as I was waiting for my son to come out of his test I was thinking of how truly different things are going to be from now on. There will be many more of these instances, and as much as I wanted my husband there to hold my hand, our son's hand I knew that I could do this.  Okay, so one procedure isn't much to write home about, but hey you got to start somewhere. As I look back on how many things I have had to learn to do by myself I just smile. You see God never gives you more than you can bear, and on top of that he gives you a way to bear it. Man, I mean isn't He just so good at being God?! As I was leaving the hospital I just kept thinking about that. This time my way to bear it was my amazing Mom. Truly there through anything and of course what Grandma would come running for their one and only grandson. Even so, I thank her for the sweet spirit that she has. So as I look forward to all the things that I might have to do alone, I say bring it on, because that way to bear it God sends could just be a golden blessing in disguise.

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