Saturday, October 15, 2011

One, One, & Three!

So, my husband is gone to start a new journey on his way to becoming a United States Marine. When we first approached the issue I had all the obvious questions, "Are we going to be moving all the time? What happens when you're gone? Can we do this?" Through the entire recruiting process I have learned that God is truly in control of everything. I can't find the answer every question and to be honest I don't need to. (Though I often drive myself crazy trying to.) So on we went through the paperwork and physical and MEPS. The entire thing. Then there was the time to wait. Well the wait was up on September 20th, he left to go Parris Island. Then the waiting started again. You see I was very apprehensive when I hadn't gotten any letters in the first week. No communication but that first phone call in the night, which I still can't get out of my mind. So of course my overly prepared self kicked into high gear. I searched every discussion board high and low to see when I could expect my first letter. Then it came, October 3rd I got my very first letter. It was great to hear how he was adjusting life in recruit training. Then the wait began again for the next one. It came one full week after the third. He seemed to be in high spirits so I was so looking forward to the next ones. The next came in much shorter succession. Only 4 days after and not only did I get another letter I got three! As I saw them on my dresser I couldn't wait to open them. I am so proud of my husband, he is an amazing man and the spirit of him is so encouraging. It's funny how we often picture ourselves in moments we know we will have to face. How many times have we had that "When that happens I will do this....." moment. Let me tell you it's nothing like that. I have learned too many times that situations prepare you for circumstances but they will never dictate your emotions in the moment. I have been on a roller coaster ride for the past four weeks, one I never thought would happen. Would I change it for the world, never. This is an experience that I will never have again no matter how similar the circumstances might present itself. I am now waiting for the next batch. Counting the days and letters...

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