Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home at Last!

So to say the last 3 months of my family's life has been taxing would be an understatement. Watching my husband that we love to much leave to boot camp in Parris Island almost 13 weeks ago was almost unreal at the time. We have been through an amazing journey but at last we are home with our new Marine in tow! Graduation and Family Day were awesome. Coming from me with no military background at all I was impressed to say the least. So just a few pointers for those out there that will be attending the festivities at Parris Island soon or maybe not so soon. First off you do want to arrive at 5:30 am for family day. I know I was so not in the mood to wake up that early but I got on base and parking so easily that it was worth waking up that early. Next, the motivation run is a must on family day. It was so cool to see all the platoons running through the crowd. I will say though line the street don't sit in the Parade Deck bleachers. You will see them run by twice if you stand on the street. Jon was in Platoon 1102, the last male platoon in the group and even though they ran by twice I still didn't see him they all look the same! So moving on to what everyone wants to know about, Liberty!!!! I was so excited to see Jon. After the run they have to go back and change so you wait for them in what they call the "All-Weather Training Facility". It was torture to have to wait that long to see him. But, finally they all marched in and it was really cool to see everyone in such uniform lines.

So after they give us a speech on what we can and can't do during their liberty they released the Marines and we were able to find them. As soon as a I saw Jon I ran to him. Words could not describe how happy I was to finally hug my husband after all this time. During liberty we had a picnic which was so much fun.

Even though Liberty was 4 hours long it was so short! Before I knew it they had to leave for graduation practice. So I gave my husband back but, then again graduation was tomorrow and I was going to be able to take my husband home with me! So for graduation, please note that it is a casual affair in the was of dress. Now don't get me wrong there were people dressed to the nines but please wear something comfortable, it is outside, and get there early I mean like 6:30 am early because the bleachers fill up and you will have to stand! Graduation was great as well I was so proud of my husband. He was in 1st Battalion, Bravo Company, Platoon 1102.

All in all this was the best weekend I have had in a while. Bringing Jon home was a breath of fresh air after 3 months of some pretty stale air. God has been so good through all of this. I can't wait to see everything that He has in store for us, but right now I am enjoying my husband in uniform!

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