Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giddy with Anticipation

Almost there. I honestly thought I would never make it this far. I have been running at a hundred miles an hour staying so super busy that December kind of snuck up on me. With one week of class left before finals and Landon asking every other second if tomorrow is Christmas I am so content. When Jon left for Parris Island almost 3 months ago I was very unprepared. Even so we began this journey. So of course he had to put a perspective on the time for Landon. He promised him he would be back for Christmas. So now since all the stores and music is about, of course, Christmas he has been beaming. We even have switched to Christmas stickers on his behavior calendar. AC Moore had a great selection I couldn't help myself. So yesterday Landon and I had a very candid conversation. "Is tomorrow Christmas Mommy?", Landon asked. "No but very soon Landon" , I answer smiling. Watching Landon's childlike anticipation of his Daddy homecoming makes me think of  my relationship with my heavenly Father. He has always been so faithful and I anticipate everytime he speaks to me through His  Word and I to Him in prayer. So as I wait for my husband I get a kick out of knowing each and everyday I get to anticipate the arrival of God in my life.

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