Thursday, February 2, 2012

MCT done! What's next?

So this past Monday I headed down to Jacksonsville, NC to see Jon and his graduation from Marine Combat Training or MCT as everyone so affectionately calls it. I made the little over 6 hour trip with my friend Sabree and Landon. We planned to leave Sunday night around 8 pm after church. Well with a whole rental car debacle we didn't get on the road till after 10pm. No worries we were making good time and avoiding the traffic. Then we got off of 95 South and then the anxiety kicked in. So I just have one question is Jacksonsville not off a major highway?! 2 of our 6 hour trip was on back roads into the city. Then we finally made it there around 4 am. I was so tired so we went straight to bed. Landon of course was wide awake so let's just say he had a lot of fun watching Nick Jr. for about an hour straight which I never let him do. We got to spend some time with Jon that evening. They only had on base liberty so we just went to the MCX to get some things Jon needed and had pizza at this place on base.  The next day was graduation which was a lot more informal than graduation from boot camp. Then it was time for them to get on their buses and head to MOS school. I got to give a kiss goodbye and then he was gone. It was great to see him and spend some time just hanging out. It's weird now that he has his phone and we can talk everyday. We even got to Face Time on Tuesday which was so nice. So the update is his school's delayed and he can't start until March 12th so hopefully he'll get recruiter's assistance and get to come home for a little bit. If everything goes as planned (I'm not holding my breath) we should know where we will be stationed in June. All this is happening more quickly than I thought but that just means we're that much closer to being together.

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  1. It is weird when they get their phones back! LOL When Mike was in boot camp, my phone never left my I don't have that same anxiety because I can call him right back! haha And you begin to form some kind of routine on when he normally calls! :)

    So nice to feel reconnected with them!