Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recruiter Assistance, Or So We Thought...

Jon was supposed to be coming home today... yes I did say supposed to. I thought that the recruiter's assistance was all approved. Not the case apparently. After I talked to him last night I resigned myself to not think anything was going to happen the way it was supposed to until it happens. Seeing as though nothing has happened according to plan I say right now that is a safe bet. Jon's sister and Mom are heading down there to get him hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I will say that I am learning patience is a virtue. One that is really, really hard when you haven't "lived" with your husband for any extended period of time in the past 5 months! I think that everything will work out fine and his recruiter's assisstance will come through fine, but who knows. I think God is choosing to teach me some very valuable lessons about the perserverance of love and how much patience you can really have when you make a conscious effort to show it. There is one down side to my over zealous thought process though... Landon thinks Jon is coming home tonight! So I have officially 2 1/2 hours before I go pick him up from school to think of a way to break the news gently. I'm thinking there will be some doughnuts involved. (My son's favorite sweet treat!) Don't harp too bad on my for trying to buy a little grace from a four year old with sugar. I mean this is some pretty bad news for a little boy that has been playing his play schedule with his daddy for the past 2 days. I think there will be a lot more Batman tonight instead of the date with my Hospitality Law textbook I had planned. No worries I can always do that later I mean sleep is overrated right?

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog from the mil-spouse blogger community and realized we're going through a lot of similarish stuff (new wives to the Corps and all) so thought I'd stop by and say hi!

    I know what you mean about the disappointment though. We got married over boot leave and we were pretty sure he was going to get RA, so he could stay a little longer...nope! He left 3 days after our wedding and it SUCKED. It's so frustrating. But I guess that's how it is around here.