Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Valentine's Day....

This morning when I woke up I realized that is was the 7th Valentine's Day for me and Jon. We met senior year of high school but didn't actually start dating until the Spring. Well I actually had invited Jon to my youth group's Valentine's Day banquet before we started dating and that was when I knew that I really was interested in him. So that was 7 years ago... Wow time flies when you're having fun huh? Through the years Valentine's Day has brought many different things... we always seem to have some sort of fiasco or incident surrounding the day. Many of them we look back and laugh about and I'm hoping this will be one of them. Just maybe not today... let me start at the beginning....

So the morning started out great, I woke up, got Landon dressed and was out of the door on time. I always text Jon on the way to work so I sent him a text message. I got a message back from him on my way to drop Landon at school which made me smile. I even got there so early, so when my phone rang I was puzzled as to who would call me so early. Jon called to talk to me in the morning which he hasn't done since being at MOS school, probably because he has to report earlier than I do. Well we got to talk for a while so my day started off great. Then I get a phone call from him at work around 10:30 am. We have been waiting for his recruiter's assistance to be squared away so he can come home. He told me that he went to see his command this morning and they still hadn't received everything. So of course that wasn't the greatest thing to hear. After that everything at work started to go wrong. From accounts backing up to systems going down. I was starting to think that Valentine's Day was out to get me! Then I went to a meeting that went longer than anticipated and I was running (quite literally) to school to pick up Landon so I wouldn't get charged a late fee. To top it all off since I was late I missed going to my class. Seeing as though I only have class on Tuesdays and every other Wednesday (this being my Wednesday off) I confirmed Valentine's Day has bone to pick with me. Exhausted I dropped by this Jamaican restaurant for dinner and made it home to babysit for one of my friends so she and her husband could go out. Whew! I am so tired, but at least Jon and I will have yet another Valentine's Day blunder to add to our history. If I ever get around to finding the humor in any of this... Hopefully, everything will be done with his recruiter's assistance paperwork tomorrow and he can make it home for their 96 or 4 day weekend. I am praying for a miracle because God must know that I have been up and down stressed out about all this. I know that God is teaching me patience and his timing is perfect, but sometimes a sneak preview would be nice. Even so Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. We had a stressful Valentine's Day too, I was actually just getting down to writing about it...what kind of crappy luck do we have?! Hopefully the rest of the week goes well and we all have nice (long) weekends :)