Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Wild World of Academia

So I am in school. I know I cringe when I say it too. I am working on my Associates in Hospitality Services Management. With all that has been going in my life it is a safe bet to say that school has taken the hit. I mean if someone should share the load shouldn't it be my academics? I mean they are the smartest, most expensive, and time consuming thing in my schedule. How dare school come in and take my weekends, evenings, any mention of a social life and free time spent on my beloved Kindle. Okay so maybe I have taken this personification exercise a little far, but trust me there is a point! So, my Fall semester classes ended right before Jon graduated. Great timing or what?! I took my last final on Monday (which should have been Tuesday, but that's another story) and headed to Parris Island to collect my new Marine. So after 10 days of leave and 7 of recruiters assistance it was time to bid farewell to my hubby and say hello to HSM 2530 intercession. When I signed up for Hospitality Sales and Marketing for intercession I said to myself how hard could this be? I just have class everyday for 2 weeks and then I am done. The teacher will take pity on all of us because we have so much information to cram into 2 weeks that it should be a piece of cake. Now, mind you this was my reasoning 2 weeks ago at the start of the course. That was shattered the moment I saw the syllabus. I have never been intimidated by a class, challenged but never intimidated. Well let me be the first to tell you this syllabus scared the pants off me and apparently everyone in the class as the gasps insinuated after she passed them out. Working tirelessly each day and night after class let out at 9 pm I finished it all. With flying colors I might add! I just handed and presented my final project and I think I heard the halleluia course when I dropped it on the desk, just maybe. After all the cramming, research, and studying I just wanted it to end. Tomorrow we take our final and then I bid farewell to the Wild World of Academia for... you guessed it all of 3 days. I have Spring classes of course! With all this being said it is strange how the things I used to find so exhilarating and intellectually stimulating become a burden. Thinking of when I first graduated high school and started culinary school I was so excited. You couldn't tell me that class wasn't a top rated roller coaster that I was on a ride for. The same can be said of our salvation. When we first get saved we are so excited, glowing with the excitement Jesus fills us with. Then all of the pressures and duties of life set in an we find ourselves dull and dreading what we used to relish in. I am starting this semester with a new attitude. I will love this semester even if I want to throw it out of a moving vehicle at times. I am praying the same for my Christian life. You know life gets dull but Jesus is always just as exciting as the day you met him. So with this intercession behind me I enjoyed what is probably the best thing my Mom makes.... Smothered pork chops. Completely not nutritiously sound at all but it will feed your soul and after these past 2 weeks I say I have earned a few empty calories. And no even I don't have the recipe!


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  2. I remember struggling with school...working and going to school full time, the rest of life seemed to take a back seat! LOL Of course my husband hadn't joined the USAF at the time I was going to school, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to go to school, work, and care for your son while your hubby is gone! You go girl!

    It's amazing the strength we find in ourselves once we are faced with obstacles such as these! :D