Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Seemingly Insurmountable To Do List

So it seems that my to do list has a mind of it's own. Everytime I cross something off there are about 3 things added on. For starters I am planning to graduate this year. The program at my school is pretty specific on the requirements for graduation. So I was taking a look at my transcripts and realized that I am missing some classes! After my mini heart attack I sat down and did some investigating. I realized that my teachers from last semester hadn't posted my grades. Then, I found out that I have to have my program director fill out a course subsitution for another one of my classes. Then I got a letter stating they hadn't recieved my payment for graduation! So much to do and take care of... then to make matter worse Jon and I have a legal matter we took care of when he was home on boot leave and I got a letter from the court saying they could take care of it because there were documents missing. This was frustrating to find out because when we filed the paper the assistant to the clerk at the courthouse said that we had everthing. Add on to this all the mommy duities, homework, and household chores... I feel like I am stretched just a tiny bit too thin. We just about 2 days ago everything started to fall into place. Jon is coming home this weekend so we will take care of all the legal matter and then my teachers in swift succession emailed me that they submitted my grades. I even got an email from my program director that she sent the paperwork over. All of these major things have been tackled and taken care of. Now if only I could get a handle on everything else! God seems to think that I am more equipped than I think I am because this is a little more than I think I can bear, but thanks for the vote of confidence. I think finding a balance and creating a support system as a military spouse is key. I have another military spouse at my church and we are constantly leaning on each other for support. It's great to have the help!


  1. I'm glad everything is getting straightened out. There are always bumps in the road but god wouldn't give us anything we can't handle.

  2. You've got this, girl! I know what you mean--this past week has been nonstop chaos for us as well, and it seems like it just never ends...but you'll get through it. If you need any help please let me know!