Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Minis and the Beach

Living in Coastal North Carolina has it's advantages. As much as I would like to sometimes cite the negatives of living in the smallest town I have ever lived in I can say that it is nice to actually live near the beach. Quite a few beaches I might add, because I just love options. Yesterday we took our first day trip of the summer to Atlantic Beach. The day started out at around noon but we actually didn't make it to the beach until 6 that evening.... Yep it took two adults and 3 kids 4 hours to get ourselves together and out the door to beach. Now, in my defense we did have to do a little shopping to get there, Lizzy had grown out of her swimsuit (which she lovingly passed on to Lillian, yay for the previously loved!) and the hubby needed new swim trunks because, surprise he left his in the Outer Banks last year. After all was said and done I'm glad we went later because if anyone knows anything about North Carolina beaches in the summer you know that the humidity during the day is down right oppressive! This was Lillian and Lizzy's first real trip to the beach and it was definitely eye opening. Lizzy's prematurity left her with quite a bit of sensory issue regarding her hands and feet and she was not having the sand and waves lapping at her feet. We tried to ease her in, but without much progress. Just another thing to work on and it just makes this preemie mama want to try that much harder so that she can enjoy it with her siblings. 

Landon on the other hand couldn't get enough of the sand, surf, and sun. He was diving in and out of the waves, digging holes and just enjoying the day. As I watched him I couldn't help but smile and think of how big he is getting. Where did the time go....

These are the memories that I love making. Our time in at this duty station has been some of the hardest and strengthening time in our family. We have welcomed babies, lived through a hospitalization, and created some great memories. This is just the first of so many more I hope to make before we move on just as the life of military family goes.

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