Sunday, April 15, 2012

Counting the Days...

This week I realized that I shouldn't count down days. Being the over obsessed planner that I am I tend to try and make sure I am on top of everything.  So of course I am counting the days until Jon finishes school and we get to be together again. (its 55 days if you were wondering :) But then I started thinking of all the other things that I could be counting down. Like my last day of work, my sister's baby shower that we are having early since I am leaving, the last day of classes, my graduation, the move.... you get the picture right? I was totally overwhelmed since it seems like all of these things are within days of each other! After I stared at my planner for about a good 10 minutes in silence thinking there is no way everything I need to write down will fit in these pages I took a deep breath. Then Jon called. He is so much better at this not knowing and going with the flow stuff. I think that's why our marriage works so well. I freak out and he calms me down. He told me not to worry about all the stuff I was stressing about because I always get it done. I am a very capable wife and mother I told myself.... I can do this whether the Marine Corps gives Jon his orders in 2 weeks when I had expected them or 2 weeks prior to him reporting I can do this. Sigh... see that's why I love my husband. Only he knows that all I should be thinking about counting is the days until we are together again because that's really all that matters. Oh and it helps for me to be able to see him while he does it... I love Face Time!


  1. Husbands are the best at this! I know I've been flipping out today (you can read my latest blog entry to find out why, if you want), and as soon as I talked to my husband I realized, it doesn't matter. We will fix everything and figure everything out in time, there is no need to get upset in the meanwhile. Realizing that took a huuuuuge weight off my shoulders, and I can finally breathe again :) We are lucky to have such supportive guys!

    1. I know some days I ask myself what I did before Jon!

  2. Oh my hubby is the same for me. He's totally laid back and doesn't worry about the details knowing they will always work themselves out. While I'm a nervous wreck and he has to try to calm me down!

    Hope those 55 days (probably less now) go quickly! Happy Monday!

  3. Ahh.. this makes me wanna get back in the kick of having face time with my babe while he is away. We both an app for it. We don't do it often enough though! And you two are like ying and yang. Definitely compatible! I'm always worrying about what needs to get done and freak out about little things. Theron is like my own personal chill pill! lol :)