Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Bells.... Again!

I love weddings and any events for that matter. The planning process is just as much fun as the actual event. I have been planning and doing event design for the past 3 years on and off as way to keep my creative juices flowing. With everything that has been going on I haven't had a chance to focus or even take on anything really major, but when a friend sent me a wedding SOS text I knew I had to help! So here I am taking on another event with Jon getting orders in 2 weeks for June (which means I have to come back for this wedding in July), graduation in May, and everything else that seems to wiggle it's way on my schedule. This is nothing new though. With the first wedding I booked I had a last minute 50th birthday party the night of! I was literally running from setting up the party to the church and back to the party to wrap it up! I would say that this time I am a little stressed, but it keeps me busy and moving and that helps when Jon is gone. Although it probably doesn't help that I have a picture frame that helps me count down the days very slowly I might add.

This wedding is going to be a lot of fun. The colors she picked are awesome and I get to do one of the things I love best event design! Pretty much all the people I have worked with in the past end up getting me to silk florals for them one way or another. It is definitely cost effective and I have built up quite an inventory over the years. I added a link to the top of my page for event design. I have to work through my portfolio archive and update more, but that is a sampling of what I have easily accessible on my current computer. I have transported and shipped my centerpieces before so if you're interested just send me an email at the address under the tab. The bride and I have our first phone consultation tonight so that should go well and then I will be probably up all night working on the initial logistics and design. I am a night owl though so I should be okay. I should probably get a pot of coffee brewing now... anyways who needs 8 hours of sleep anymore? I heard it's overrated...


  1. How neat! Id love to do some wedding designing, but Id probably only be good with the out door rustic stuff... Id love seeing beautiful weddings all the time though! And that photo.. I would love one of those! Did you make it? :)

  2. I didn't I bought it from Etsy. I love it though.