Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Letters

So since I have gotten my new pictures I finally got around to making a button for my blog. If you feel compelled to you can grab me to the right. I hope to reconfigure things a little bit tonight so I can post buttons from everyone that I follow but we shall see... If it takes me as long as writing the html code for my blog did I might have to wait until tomorrow :) Hope you have a happy friday! Since my new button is up and operational I decided to link up with Friday Letters on Adventures of Newlyweds enjoy....

Dear Hubby, I know you are starting to get a little annoyed that I reference the fact that you will have your orders in 3 weeks everytime we talk. It's only because I am going crazy knowing that my entire life will have to be packed up and moved by June and I have no idea where I am moving to!
Dear Landon, Do you really have to be so cute everyday?! When you crawled in my lap yesterday and gave me a big hug yesterday for no apparent reason I think my heart really melted...

Dear Brooklyn (my yet to be born niece), Can you please be nice to your mommy? She is really tired of bed rest and would like to actually leave the house on a more consistent basis before you are born and keep her chained to the house for at least a week or two. I really would appreciate being able to see her in something other than her house or bed for that matter thanks!

Dear children and parents of children on spring break this week, Thank you so much for all making a mass exit from the DC area in the form of vacation. I have enjoyed not spending 3 hours in my car everyday. If only you could stay away for one more week or maybe even two?


  1. Ohhh love these! I think MY heart melted when I read that. WHAT a cute moment!!


  2. Ooooo orders!!! Where are y'all hoping to be stationed at?

    1. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Pendleton!