Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running in Flats

Today was a great albeit busy day! It started at 5:15 am with me dragging myself out of my bed. I am so not a morning person, but somehow I manage it each morning. I went downstairs to check on the collard greens I put in the crock pot before bed last night. We had a farewell luncheon for the big boss today so I had to make something. From there I showered and dressed then attempted to rouse my less than enthusiastic son from his deep slumber. A child after my own heart! After I ironed his clothes and dressed him we brushed teeth and hair and flew out the door. I made excellent time and for DC traffic that means it took me 45 minutes... And I dropped Landon off at my friend Serinia's house. I had to make it to work early and school wasn't open yet. As I landed at my desk I worked up until 12 when I had to leave. This is when the day got real interesting. I had to volunteer for a conference for my class downtown. So I hopped on the bus to metro, thankfully my job is metro accessible, and made it to the hotel. It was so much fun to work the conference and great hands on training for hopefully my next job. I greeted the attendees, directed guests, pretty much anything that needed to be done. Phew, I was so tired from running around I was thankful I had chosen my comfy flats to wear today! Then I caught the metro back to the station got on the bus to pick up my car and then hightailed it to Landon's school to pick him up. If only my day ended there... I had to get Landon's hair cut! These are the times I really miss Jon because he always took care of these things... So needless to say I didn't cook. I barely made it through the line at Chick fil-a. So here I am enjoying my lemonade and looking forward the weekend with Jon ... and him studying... and my term paper. Well at least I can see and touch him... Friday can't get here soon enough, Virginia Beach here I come!


  1. Yay it's Friday! Have fun with your hubby this weekend!

    Mind if I add your button to my blog?

  2. Enjoy Virginia :) I love it there it's beautiful